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Connecting Dog-Lovers Within Your Local Community

  • Owner

     Find loving Borrowers
    to care for your pooch whenever needed

     Find puppy-playdates for
    your dog’s exercise and socialization

     Link up with other

  • Borrower

     Find the hundreds of adorable dogs
    in your neighborhood

     Hang out with a dog whenever you
    need a puppy-fix

     Meet other link-minded

  • Pooch

     Make new puppy and
    human friends

     Neverending love
    and attention

     New and exciting

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  • Community of Genuine Dog-lovers

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See what people are saying...

  • mike

    “As soon as I heard about the services Bark’N’Borrow offers, I was fascinated. After I explored the app and met my borrower, she immediately got on the ground, scooped my dog Sebastian up and started kissing him like they had known each for years. It was so nice to see!”

    ~Mike (Owner)
  • rachel

    “Being able to get my pup fix when I’m unable to have my own is truly amazing. Thanks Bark’N’Borrow for creating a great community between owners and genuine dog lovers.”

    ~Rachel (Borrower)
  • jason

    “I work from home and travel a lot. Through Bark’N’Borrow I have found Murphy, who get’s me away from the desk, exercising and meeting great people.”

    ~Jason (Borrower)
  • anne

    “Today was a great day, I hung out with Sam the Corgi! Thanks to Bark’N’Borrow – best app ever!”

    ~Anne (Borrower)
  • Laura Pierce

    “Bark’N’Borrow creates a community in the way that you picture your neighborhood being 30 years ago when everyone was entrenched in the places they lived and more apt to say hello and strike up a conversation because of your dog.”

    ~Laura (Owner)
  • Shandana

    “My borrow with Latte, the Maltese Yorkie, was a great stress reliever. It was great just being able to have a dog . . . to have someone to hang out with all the time. I’m definitely an animal person more than a people person.”

    ~Shandana (Borrower)