Top 5 Puppy Predictions: Game Of Thrones Season 6


Well, pups, get excited, because Winter Is Coming! No, I don’t mean the kind of winter that makes everything cold and white and fun to roll in, no, I mean the new season of Game of Thrones! Season Six’s trailer finally came out, and boy, did my tail just about wag off when I saw this one! There was a lot of fur-raising action in this trailer, but before we get to that let’s get to what all my avid readers have been wondering:

Dog Count: THREE!

Cat Count: ZERO!

That’s right, three whole dogs and zero whole cats! We got to see two big ol’ hounds when they surrounded Theon in the woods! They sure were good boys for finding him! Do they have fleas? I wonder what their butts smell like! Where was I? Oh–And at the tail end of the trailer we saw Ghost, the hero of the whole show! He was sitting on top of Jon Snow like “You better not hurt this guy!” I don’t know what’s going on with Jon. I fell asleep for the end of last season. Oh well, I’ll figure it out soon!

Here’s the Top 5 Puppy Predictions: Game of Thrones Season 6!

The Hound

  1. The Hound will Return– That dashing knight known as Sandor The Hound Clegane will definitely be back. I know we left him in a bad way, and he wasn’t in the trailer at all, but you can’t keep a good dog down!
    Bran's Tree
  2. Bran will Possess a Tree– Bran sees some crazy things in the trailer, and he can walk again! But most importantly, he’ll be able to go into his wolf buddies, or even a tree! Perhaps his season arc will be trying not to get peed on! Riveting!
    Dany and Dothraki
  3. Dany will be a Khaleesi again– So it looks like times are tough for Daenerys while she’s walking with the horse guys they don’t even have a horse to spare for her. But she doesn’t need a horse, all she needs is her dragons! Once she shows what he can do, those horse people will put her in charge for sure! Because dragons are scary!
    Blind Arya
  4. Arya’s Nose Will Get Better– So it looks like everyone’s favorite tween assassin is blind! I had an old buddy once with eyes just like hers, I think they call them Cat-aracts! I bet they come from cats just another reason cats drool and dogs rule while also drooling! But either way, science has proved Arya will have a better sense of smell now that she can’t see. I wonder if next season will be in SMELL-O-VISION?
    Jon Snow and Ghost
  5. Winter is Definitely Coming- I think no matter who you are, where you are, we can all agree that it’s about to get cold in Westeros! Put on your winter coats, but don’t worry–because Ghost is on the prowl and he’ll freeze those White Walkers in their tracks!

Well Bark’N’Buddies, I hope you enjoyed my review, and I know you enjoyed the trailer! We’re in for a doozy of a season next year! Until next time–Valar Doghairis, which translates to All Dogs Must Be Petted!