A Toy Story: Inside a Dog Playdate on Demand


When we launched Bark’N’Borrow 2.0 almost a month ago one of the most exciting things was opening up our platform for dog owners to get playdates for their dogs! For as little as $4.99 a month you can get your dog unlimited K-9 companionship, and best of all, 5% of that goes to helping other dogs through our partner organization Best Friends Animal Society.

One early Bark’N’Borrow user to leverage dog playdates was Toy Leksut and we wanted to share her super cute story with photos (A Toy Story: we couldn’t resist :).

Toy owns a corgi named B-MO. At just around 11 weeks and pre DHPP vaccine, he wasn’t quite ready for the dog park. However, Toy wanted to start socializing him with other dogs in a slightly less open and stressful environment. To do so, Toy and B-Mo “borrowed” a beagle named Snoop for a dog playdate.

David (Snoop’s owner) dropped Snoop off with Toy and B-MO and they got to play for a couple of hours. And we mean some serious playing!


Like playing dead!


Going Rocky on the steps! You couldn’t stop the two… 

And it was all possible thanks to a quick download of the Bark’N’Borrow app by Toy, a few swipes to find a high energy dog that was similar size and of a similar age. Toy was living in Hollywood Hills at the time with B-Mo, and David and Snoop were a short 10 minutes away. After agreeing to a playdate they quickly met for a meet and greet with the two dogs to make sure the playdate would work out. B-Mo and Snoop were quickly like two peas in a pod after meeting so the playdate was agreed upon.

While B-Mo had been to some puppy socializing classes this was the first time that he had been one-on-one with another dog for a considerable amount of time. It was also the first time he had a dog in his own backyard / patio. He was a quick learn though and after hanging out with Snoop, he visited his first dog park a month later.

B-Mo is now even in demand for playdates with some two-legged friends. He was recently borrowed by a local college student on Bark’N’Borrow as a weekend surprise for his visiting girlfriend. They’re currently doing the long-distance thing as his girlfriend studies in New York City, and he figured a cute little corgi would make a nice third wheel for a weekend stroll.

Ready for a playdate for your own dog? Download the app here today and start taking playdate pictures! We want to see!