The Most Dog-Friendly Neighborhoods in San Francisco

SF Most Dog-Friendly NeighborhoodsSan Francisco. Many come in hopes of having it all: the California lifestyle, the gateway into the tech market, a dream job, and the perfect apartment. But what is the cost of reaping all the benefits of life in the Bay Area?

The most visible cost? Paying the most for renting in the entire country! A close second? You may not be able to bring fido with you!

According to SF SPCA, an animal welfare nonprofit, one in four residents within the City By the Bay are abandoning their four-legged friends (no!) due to the lack of dog-friendly housing in the city. Since San Francisco attracts more and more potential tenants each year, landlords have the option to be selective with who and what they let in. This is forcing many would-be residents to choose between two options — searching for a hard-to-find dog-friendly place or pursuing their California dreams, unfortunately, alone.

However, just because they’re hard to find doesn’t mean they’re not out there. We’ve teamed up with our friends at RadPad, the mobile apartment search and rent payment provider, to ensure you and your furry friend can stay together by finding the most dog-friendly neighborhoods in the bay area.

To do this, we first looked at the percentage (see above) of pet-friendly apartment listings within neighborhoods in San Francisco. RadPad analyzed more than 13,000 active rental listings across neighborhoods in San Francisco.

We then factored in the amount of borrowable dogs on Bark’N’Borrow in each neighborhood (if you can’t live with a dog in your apartment, you can still borrow one) to create an all encompassing ranking of neighborhoods to live in – if you love dogs! RadPad rankings were given twice as much weight as Bark’N’Borrow rankings.

Take a look at what we found:

  • The absolute best place to live with a dog, or to borrow one? Lakeshore landed our number one spot to find a place for you and your pup, and the best place to borrow one. Located right next to Lake Merced, Fort Funston National Park, and the ocean, it is the ideal location for outdoor activities and city living with your four-legged friend.
  • If you still want to feel the excitement of fast city living, no need to worry! Chinatown came in at number 4 with 39% of listings dog-friendly and large amount of borrowable dogs close by to move it past Excelsior (43% dog-friendly listings). Take your pup on daily walks down Waverly Place or Ross Alley with a nice relaxing break at Old Mary’s Cathedral.
  • It’s worth noting that the Excelsior/Crocker-Amazon area had the 4th highest percentage of dog-friendly apartments. However, there is only a “pawful” of pups available to be borrowed there, so it fell down our all encompassing list to #8. 
  • Save yourself the time and energy of finding a dog-friendly apartment near Outer Richmond and Haight — looks like only 13% of apartment listings are dog-friendly. Odd, considering Lands Peak, the most dog-friendly hiking trail, is right there!
  • Tenderloin, Portrero Hill and South of Market also land themselves in the top five most dog-friendly neighborhoods. All located on the northeast side of San Francisco, it’s safe to assume that side of the city is having a lot more fun living in the bay with their four-legged friends. Just don’t think you can move further north to North Beach with Fido, as it ranked at the bottom of our dog-friendly neighborhoods!

Best Dog-Friendly Neighborhoods to Live in San Francisco

  1. Lakeshore
  2. Tenderloin/Hayes Valley/North of Market
  3. Potrero Hill
  4. Chinatown
  5. South of Market
  6. Polk/Russian Hill (Nob Hill)
  7. Castro/Noe Valley
  8. Excelsior/Crocker-Amazon
  9. Inner Mission/Bernal Heights
  10. Western Addition/Japantown
  11. Marina
  12. Visitacion Valley/Sunnydale
  13. Inner Richmond
  14. Haight-Ashbury
  15. St. Francis Wood/Miraloma/West Portal
  16. Sunset
  17. Parkside/Forest Hill
  18. Bayview-Hunters Point
  19. Twin Peaks-Glen Park
  20. Outer Richmond
  21. North Beach

Profiles for Adoptable Shelter Dogs from NKLA Are Now on Bark’N’Borrow!


Bark’N’Borrow’s mission is to better the lives of dogs by giving them as much love and attention as possible. Today, there are nearly 4 million homeless dogs in shelters across the U.S. who are in desperate need of care and a permanent home. The team here are BNB recognizes the great potential that the amazing community we’ve built has in helping these pups in need.

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Cowboy.screenshot 2

When you open a profile for a shelter dog that appears in your stream you’ll see the same details that you’d see in the profiles of dogs that are available to borrow, such as age, size, temperament and personality. You’ll also see what shelter the adoptable dog is from. The process then continues the same way that contacting an owner would through the Bark’N’Borrow messaging platform with a representative from the rescue or shelter on the other end instead of an individual owner.

Many of our users are either looking to find the right dog to adopt, and in the meantime are borrowing to see which breeds/types of pups suit their lifestyle; or they’re not quite ready to have their own dog yet, but plan to adopt when they’re ready. We did a survey of 650 Bark’N’Borrow users in March and over 85% of them say they would get their first/next dog from a shelter. Over one third of borrowers also say that they’d be more proactive in borrowing if there were shelter dogs on our app who they could give some much needed love.

Foster dogs will soon be featured on Bark’N’Borrow as well providing an outlet for adoptees to experience ownership in real-life settings, not just shelters. Foster parents of these pups will create profiles and be able connect with potential adopters looking for a new friend. From setting up play-dates and meet-n-greets to the official adoption process Bark’N’Borrow will give foster pups the opportunity to find their forever families using mobile technology.

We see Bark’N’Borrow helping rescues and fosters in many different ways. For example, foster parents could also use Bark’N’Borrow to help them with their full and busy hands. A borrower could borrow directly from the foster parent and provide them with a little relief whenever needed. This way, the borrower is still exposed to shelter dogs but do not have to go directly through the rescue.

The benefits of having shelter dogs on Bark’N’Borrow are obvious. Bark’N’Borrow connects potential fosters/borrowers and adoptees to the dogs themselves, directs them through the actual adoption process itself, and furthermore offers a whole community of genuine dog-lovers who are ready to lend a helping hand and care to the newly adopted dog whenever the new family may need.

Thanks for partying with us!


Very huge and warm thank you to all who came out to celebrate with us this past Saturday, May 30th at The Oinkster in Hollywood! We are proud to host such a great community of dog-loving Los Angeleans. Special thanks to PawPack and Vet On Demand for their on going support as well. We couldn’t have asked for a better day full of sun, friends, dogs, and burgers.

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— Liam and the Bark ‘N’ Borrow Team