Bark’N’Borrow always puts the dog’s well-being first. Everything that we do is centered around creating a happy and trusting environment for everyone involved. Every user that signs up to Bark’N’Borrow provides us with their personal information including email, phone number, zip code and photo for verification. You are also able to sign up through Facebook which adds validity through another social media platform.

When a user creates their profile, they fill out a set of comprehensive questions that are specifically designed to cover all factors and traits that another user would need to see in order to build a relationship of trust and to give them peace of mind. Each and every person will then have a member of our trustworthy team review and verify the information they provide; and not every person will pass this process. 

Before any kind of arrangement happens, we recommend the two parties also review each others profile and start a conversation via the app. Download and read our “Guide to Great Doggy Dating” that includes detailed information on the safest way possible to carry out a Borrow. This covers everything from the meet-n-greet, to the most important information you need to know for a simple date or an overnight stay. Our “Golden Paw Promise” will educate you on the set values that each user should abide by when using Bark’N’Borrow.

There are no obligations to the relationships that anyone forms through Bark’N’Borrow. Each user has the choice to meet with as many potential Borrowers/Owners & dogs as they like until they find the one (or the many) that they feel comfortable with. Our app provides user ratings and reviews to help make this choice easier, and our Concierge team will even help you find a match.



For that extra level of safety and peace of mind, each member who schedules their Borrow through the app is covered by our Comprehensive Premium Insurance Plan. Highlights include up to $2million in general liability, $1million in personal and advertising injury, $100,000 in damage to premises rented to you, and $5,000 in medical expenses; less a $500 deductible.

We also offer 24/7 Customer Support to aid you with any query or situation.