America’s Most Eligible Dogs for a Valentine’s Dog Date

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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching many singles are queuing up Netflix for a long night in. However, even with Uber no longer delivering puppies to your door and the Puppy Bowl being over, there may be a K-9 companion around the corner for a dog date!

In honor of V-Day, Bark’N’Borrow‘the dog dating service’, has crunched the data on the most demanded dogs (out of tens-of-thousands on the platform) by borrowers in five major cities: NYC, SF, LA, Chicago and Boston.

We’ve pulled the profiles for these “most eligible pups” in each city and pictured above are the top dogs people across America are inquiring for.

You can #getadogdate leading up to, after, or on Valentine’s Day, by downloading the Bark’N’Borrow app today for free and finding an eligible dog to date in your area below! Don’t forget to share your favorite top dog on Twitter!

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