Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bark’N’Borrow?

Bark’N’Borrow is a mobile app that connects dog-owners to a trusted community of dog-lovers in their local area, who are looking for some canine companionship and would love to help care for their dogs whenever it is needed.

Whether it be an afternoon walk, a day of play, a weekend, or a whole vacation period; Bark’N’Borrow aims to make sure our pets are always given the most amount of love and care. You can Borrow a dog to get your puppy fix, allow a Borrower the chance to give your pup some extra love, or even find a puppy-playdate for your pooch!

What does it mean to be a part of the Bark’N’Borrow Pack?

The Bark’N’Borrow pack is the most genuine and passionate dog-loving community that you will come across! Being a part of our pack means that you are an animal enthusiast who understands the joy and fulfillment that dogs bring to our lives. Being like-minded dog lovers, we have a special connection to one-another. Bark’N’Borrow brings us all together in one space where lifelong friendships and unbreakable bonds are made. Our social community continues to grow everyday by sharing the love so help spread the Bark’N’Borrow word! @barknborrow #barknborrow

How does it work?

Bark’N’Borrow is perfect for any dog-lover – you could be:

  • Looking to spend time with a dog
  • In need of someone to help care for your pooch
  • Wanting to find another puppy friend for your own dog

We make it simple and easy for anyone to get started. Firstly, you will need to create your free account by entering your email address and creating your own password. Now you’re in and you can start to look at all the dogs and Borrowers in your area. As soon as you want to start messaging or you would like to be seen by other members, you just have to create a profile by filling out the simple questions and uploading some fun photos.

In what countries is Bark’N’Borrow available?

Currently Bark’N’Borrow only operates within the USA. Our largest markets are in the major cities, but we do have members spread all across the country. We continue to grow exponentially everyday, and with your help we can grow faster and and love more puppies – simply spread the Bark’N’Borrow word with your family and friends!

Be sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date with all that is happening:



Is Bark’N’Borrow available on platforms other than iOS?

Right now Bark’N’Borrow is only available on iOS devices. We are working on perfecting the experience and plan to release an Android and Web version in the near future. To be added to our VIP list, email us at support@barknborrow and let us know which version you are waiting for; we will inform you when we we have a release date! We can’t wait to have you as a part of our pack 🙂

What is a Borrower?

A ‘Borrower’ is a term we give to the dog-lovers out there who are not able to have their own dog, but would love to spend time with one whenever they get the chance.

There are many reasons that can prevent a ‘Borrower’ from having their own pooch. Some of the most common examples include:

  • Long work hours
  • Apartment building does not allow pets
  • Travel too often
  • The cost is too high
  • Not ready for the 15 year commitment at this point in their life

The list goes on, but the need for canine companionship and puppy love is always there.

A Borrower could be:

  • Someone who loves the outdoors and is looking to take a dog for a run or a hike a few afternoons a week
  • A young working adult who has their weekends free to go to a dog park and socialize with friendly and like-minded dog lovers
  • A family with young children who are begging their parents to get a dog, but who aren’t ready for the full responsibility yet
  • An older couple whose dog has passed away and who are missing the joys of canine-companionship

With Bark’N’Borrow, you are sure to find the perfect match for you!

How much do Borrowers charge to look after a dog?

NOTHING! Borrower’s join Bark’N’Borrow because they are truly genuine dog-lovers and simply want to spend time with a dog as they do not have their own. It is an honor and welcomed opportunity for them to look after a dog, and they do not charge anything for their services. They get paid in puppy kisses and tail wags!

Can Borrowers reach out to pet-parents?

Of course! Relationships work both ways, and a borrower is able to contact an owner whenever they like. A borrower may have some free time where they would like to give their love to a puppy, so they are able to message a dog-owner to schedule a meet-n-greet and have a puppy-play-date!

Can Owners reach out to other Owners?

Yes! Owners are able to contact other dog owners as well. Some Owners may prefer their dog to be cared for by someone who also has their own fur-baby, and other owners are looking for a friend for their own pooch and want to set up a play-date between the two dogs. The possibilities are endless!

How do I know that I have found the perfect match for me?

Bark’N’Borrow has done all the hard work for you so you can find exactly what you are looking for, and in the quickest and easiest way possible. We want you to feel completely comfortable in the relationships that you form, so we have made sure to provide you with all the information and resources that you need in finding the perfect borrower or furry-friend.

Remember, Bark’N’Borrow provides 24/7 Customer Support in case you would like a little helping hand.

Is Bark’N’Borrow Safe?

DEFINITELY! Our aim at Bark’N’Borrow is to provide the safest experience possible to all our members and their dogs. Every person who joins our pack has had our trustworthy team review and verify their profile. We pride ourselves in being thorough and are dedicated to only offering the best of the best.

For extra protection, each user is covered by our comprehensive Premium Insurance Plan; and in case of emergencies, we also provide 24/7 customer support.

Do I have to pay to use the app?

Bark’N’Borrow is FREE to download and to create a profile for you or your pup. You can browse and search all the dogs and Borrower’s in your area at no charge. When you’re ready to start messaging other members, you have the option of choosing two subscription packages:

  • 1 month for $7.99 per month (with 1 week free trial)
  • 3 months for $4.99 per month (save 37%)

Both of these packages include:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Comprehensive Premium Insurance Plan for all Borrows scheduled through the app
  • Access to vetted and reviewed users
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Infinite number of relationships and borrows!

Is my credit card information safe?

YES! Your private information is encrypted and all payments are securely made through PayPal. Bark’N’Borrow does not store any credit card details.

Why Do I have a $1 charge pending on my credit card without having subscribed?

All payments are securely made through PayPal. As an extra measure of security, occasionally they will ‘Ghost Charge’ a credit card to verify that the account is real. This $1 never gets debited from your account and will ONLY be seen as ‘pending’ on your statement.

How does Bark’N’Borrow’s premium insurance work?

We make sure that you never have to worry – each and every person who schedules a borrow through Bark’N’Borrow’s system is covered by our comprehensive Premium Insurance Plan! You can enjoy peace of mind when with or without your pooch!

Highlights include up to $2 million in general liability, $1 million in personal and advertising injury, $100,000 in damage to premises rented to you, and $5,000 in medical expenses; less a $500 deductible.

Why Should I communicate and schedule only through Bark’N’Borrow?

Communicating and scheduling through the Bark’N’Borrow app helps us provide everyone with safe, secure and closed communications. It also ensures that all users are protected under our Terms of Service, covered by our comprehensive Premium Pet Insurance. Going outside of the system exposes you to risk, and we can’t provide access to these benefits when reservations aren’t booked directly through Bark’N’Borrow.


Our messaging and reservations platform makes it easy for you to access all important information relevant to your Borrows. You will be able to find details such as a scheduled date & time, location, and any specific details you have discussed with the member.


Failure to comply will result in the deactivation of both parties account as stated in the Terms of Service,


“As a Member, you contractually agree that the first and all future bookings with other Members will be through the Site. Failure to abide by this policy may result in suspension from the Site, termination of Membership or monetary penalties.”

If someone asks you to schedule a borrow outside Bark’N’Borrow’s system, please let us know and email us at

What if I do not get any responses to my messages?

Bark’N’Borrow is a marketplace that provides the dog community with the means to connect with other dog-lovers and the chance borrow a dog wherever they reside. Each member is able to use the app at their own free will which means we do not have any control of when someone replies to a message. This also means that we cannot promise that a borrow will be scheduled within a period of time, but we are working diligently to deliver each person the best experience possible.

Within our community, it is simply a matter of time until an Owner/Borrower responds to your message. It is a good idea to tell the other person about the reason you would like to be a part of a borrow and about your past experiences with dogs. Our suggestion is to keep reaching out to people until you find the right fit as it often takes a few messages to get the ball rolling.

You can find useful tips for arranging, preparing and meeting other users on our blog:

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