It’s #NationalPuppyDay!

Today is #NationalPuppyDay. A day that fills our social media feeds with pictures of adorable puppies from across the globe. What’s better than that?

But behind the cute pics, there’s a deeper meaning. National Puppy Day was created in 2006 by home and lifestyle expert, Colleen Paige, “to help save orphaned puppies across the globe and educate the public about the horrors of puppy mills. According to the ASPCA, 3.9 million dogs enter shelters each year. Sadly, many of those are euthanized.

We’ve often talked about our commitment to working with shelters and adoption agencies to raise awareness of the shelter situation and get more pups into forever homes. As we move forward with our plans to do this, today provides a perfect opportunity for you to help too. Stop by your local shelter and play with a pup, or do a bit of your own research and share what you learn to help raise awareness for just how many dogs are in shelters today waiting for a chance to be loved.

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give you a look at some of the most adorable puppies available to borrow today on the Bark’N’Borrow platform! So share this post and spread the “omg’s”, “aww’s”, but most importantly, the cause.


Liam & the B’N’B Team



One Month in: Puppy Love Abound & an Exciting New Year Ahead

It’s been a little over a month since we launched Bark’N’Borrow and the response has been nothing short of incredible! We continue to see an amazing amount of support from dog lovers all over the world.

The idea of a community that serves the varying needs of dog lovers in all types of situations, even those simply looking for doggy play dates, clearly struck a chord and apparently even made some people’s dreams come true:

Screenshot 2015-12-16 20.22.46

Screenshot 2015-12-16 15.59.10

Word of B’N’B has spread so far and fast that each day we hear from puppy people across the globe wondering when Bark’N’Borrow will be available in their area.
Screenshot 2015-12-16 15.10.51Screenshot 2015-12-16 15.18.31

While we’re currently focused on building out the service in the US, expanding beyond the US is a top priority on our roadmap for the New Year! That roadmap includes many other ideas and initiatives that we will announce as they start to come to fruition.

For those who are already taking part in the B’N’B community, it’s uplifting to see how the service is making their and their pooch’s lives better. Here’s what some of our users have been telling us:

“I work from home and travel a lot. Through Bark’N’Borrow I have found Murphy, who get’s me away from the desk, exercising and meeting great people.”

“As soon as I heard about the services Bark’N’Borrow offers, I was fascinated. After exploring the app…I was a little skeptical, but all my hesitations were quelled as soon as I met the borrower – she immediately got on the ground, scooped my dog Sebastian up and started kissing him like they had known each for years.”

“Being able to get my pup fix when I’m unable to have my own is truly amazing. Thanks Bark’N’Borrow for creating a great community between owners and genuine dog lovers.” 
– Rachel

And here are a few of our favorite pics from users:
Photo Dec 02, 3 57 33 PM
Photo Dec 02, 3 57 32 PM (2)Photo Dec 14, 4 27 11 PM








As we continue to work to make Bark’N’Borrow the number one community for dog lovers, here’s to many, many more sloppy kisses and furry hugs in the New Year! Download your dog date today!


The Bark’N’Borrow Team

Arranging Your First Meeting with a Potential Borrower

Once you’ve found a potential Borrower for your pooch, the next step is to arrange a meeting so  you can be comfortable sharing your dog with that person.

Here are some tips for arranging, preparing and meeting a potential Borrower:

  1. Before arranging an in-person meeting between you, your dog and a Borrower, ask as many questions via email of the Borrower as you need to feel comfortable, including references!
  2. Ask them about their experiences with dogs, how they handle dogs they’ve spent time with, and where they plan to take your dog.
  3. Arrange a comfortable public meeting place: your local dog park, coffee shop, or other convenient venue and bring a friend if you need to, to feel comfortable.
  4. Prepare a Doggie Info. sheet and include specific requirements and requests you have for the care of your dog. Be sure to include emergency contact details for yourself and a preferred Vet in case of any issues.
  5. At the meeting, ask any and all questions you need to know to feel comfortable. Perhaps you want to go for a walk together to see how a potential Borrower handles your dog and see how your pooch responds to them. Do what you need to feel secure.
  6. Remember, the relationship you develop through Bark’N’Borrow with a Borrower is the same as you might do through a recommendation from a friend. Be sure you feel comfortable with your dog-loving Borrower.
  7. Finally, schedule what you feel is an appropriate next step: a follow-up meeting, a short walk, a play date – or what works best for you!


Here’s a look at typical Borrowing arrangements:

“Bark’N’Borrow Play Date”
Suggested Arrangement:

  • Duration 2-4 hours
  • Food and equipment (toys, leash, bedding, poop bags, etc.) provided by Owner.
  • Activities may include, play in a park, walk, rest at Borrower’s residence

“Bark’N’Borrow Overnight”
Suggested Arrangement:

  • Duration 24 hours
  • Food and equipment (toys, leash, bedding, poop bags, etc.) provided by Owner
  • Borrower may provide addl. toys, food and/or treats (approved by Owner)
  • Activities may include, play, walk, car travel, and an overnight stay at the Borrower’s residence

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at at or on Twitter @BarknBorrow with any questions!

Remember to notify us with @barknborrow and #barknborrow during your Bark’N’Borrow arrangement !

The B’N’B Team


A Heartfelt Letter to the Bark’N’Borrow Community

To the ‘Paw’some Bark’N’Borrow Community:

We are truly overwhelmed by the amazing response we’ve seen from people looking to join the Bark’N’Borrow community over the past couple of days. In all honestly, I don’t think any of us could have been prepared for such an incredible reaction from dog lovers all over the world.

To that end, some users may be experiencing issues with the location features and messaging platform on the app. We’ve managed to fix the location issues so you should now be able to easily find the dogs, borrowers and sitters in your area. We are also hard at work to enhance our messaging platform to make it easy to set up doggy dates with pups and people nearby. This should also be resolved shortly.

We truly cannot express our gratitude for the response you all have shown us thus far. It’s extremely exciting to see how many people and dogs are coming together on the platform to create a truly amazing K-9 community.

If you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to reach out to us on our Twitter handle (@barknborrow), at, or email me directly at


Liam Berkeley

Founder, CEO & Pack Leader, Bark’N’Borrow

P.S. For those who are wondering, Pickles is handling his newfound fame pretty well, although all of the attention may be going to his head…



The #1 Halloween Dog Costume of 2015: People’s Choice Awards

With Halloween just around the corner, dog owners aren’t looking to board their dogs, they’re looking for Halloween dog costumes!

People are in full Halloween costume planning mode; scouring the web, combing through hashtags and sorting through pins to come up with the best getup.

Halloween costumes are big business. In fact, in the US alone, adults will spend an estimated $1.2 billion on their costumes this year. While, that number is a bit of a shock, what’s not surprising in our pet obsessed society is that the fact that an additional $350 million will be spent on spooktacular costumes for our furry friends

With an estimated 20 million pet owners saying they will dress up their pets this Halloween, we wanted to see what we can expect our K-9 companions to look like. So we picked 10 of the most popular dog costumes across various costume lists and e-Commerce sites and polled 1,000+ people across the U.S. through Google Consumer Surveys to see what is really the people’s choice winner for the #1 Halloween Dog Costume of 2015. Here are the results from #10 to #1! Drum roll please…

Pup A Razzi

  1. Pup-A-Razzi: The one subset of dog owners that loved Pup-A-Razzi? Parents! In-fact, with parents (of the human child variety), the pop, ahem “pup queen”, was ranked as their top halloween dog costume. However, with all other groups, the doggie diva ranked near the bottom. This is especially true on the West Coast and California where it only got 2% and 0% respectively of the vote for the top costume this year. The female-themed outlet even failed to impress women respondents, with only 6% voting it the top costume.


  • Price: $21.61
  • Where to Buy: Amazon



Dog Shark

  1. Dog Shark: The only costume with women less interested in it than Pup-A-Razzi? Dog Shark. Sharknado may not have jumped the Shark yet, but it looks like Dog Shark may have. It constantly fell in the back of the pack when respondents picked their top costume. In fact, only 6% of total respondents picked it as their favorite costume.




dog pumpkin

  1. Dog Pumpkin: What is more classic Halloween than a jack-o-lantern? Perhaps only a jack russell-o-lantern. The classic dog pumpkin costume was a hit with the 45-54 crowd, where it took 11% of the votes for #1. The general populous wasn’t as impressed however as it only had 7% of the vote for the top spot.


  • Price: $12.49
  • Where to Buy: Petco



Dog Super Hero

  1. Dog Superhero: While this costume wasn’t able to soar to the top, it’s hard not to be a fan of a pup wearing a cape. City dwellers favorited this one more than those living in suburban or rural areas, which shouldn’t be a surprise as most superheroes set up shop in an urban metropolis. But this year it looks like there is just too much K9 kryptonite keeping the Dog Super Hero from ranking higher.


  • Price: Multiple
  • Where to Buy: Illustrated has sold out on Petco. Options on Target.



Holy Hound

  1. Holy Hound: Maybe it was the recent buzz around the Pope Francis visit, but Men were feeling the Holy Hound a lot more than women, with 13% naming it their favorite costume versus only 6% of the female vote. Those making over $150K were also very interested in this costume, with 37% noting it was their top choice. Good thing, because no matter where you buy the Holy Hound it is going to set you back a bit.

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What’s the Best LA Area Beach to Take Your Dog This Summer?!


As the temperature rises, bikini season approaches, and people begin trading in their sneakers for sandals, there’s no better time to take advantage of one of the biggest perks that comes with Los Angeles living: the beach.

Sand between your toes, the sweet sound of waves crashing onto that perfect west-coast sandline, and nothing but the relaxation that comes with tossing a frisbee to your favorite–wait–something’s missing! Where’s your four-legged furry friend??

With dozens of parks and beaches in the Los Angeles area, many officials have grown to fear that letting our favorite furry friends into the public’s beach domain pose liabilities to both the beach and its attendees. Why, you ask? Because non-dog lovers feel it causes “conflict“ (cue eye-rolling).

However, with local advocacy groups like Unleash the Beach promoting off-leash zones at city beaches and scientific evidence supporting that dogs actually help improve the fecal profile of the water and prevent major pollution problems, the tide is beginning to turn in favor of dog-friendly beaches in LA. In fact, the Los Angeles City council is currently in the middle of a 30-day study to examine if Cabrillo Beach should be the city’s first official off-leash dog beach. One small step for LA, one giant paw forward for canine-kind.

Cabrillo Beach would join other “dog-friendly” beaches in the broader LA area including Rosie’s Dog Beach (Long Beach), Huntington Dog Beach (Huntington), Leo Carrillo State Beach (Malibu) and Topanga State Park (Malibu).

To give you a better idea where you may want to take your pooch this summer, we’re currently polling local dog-lovers on what LA area, dog-friendly beach they’re most likely to take their own or borrowed dog to next.

You can take the survey here and we’ll report back in the coming weeks on what beach came out on top!


Take Your Dog to Work Day Infographic: What Pup is Best for Your Office?


TYDTW.Infographic (4)

With Take Your Dog to Work Day taking place today we decided to take a look at what pups and breeds match up the best with different work environments. Is your lively, easy going and playful French Bulldog perfect for the crazy roller coaster ride at your Silicon Beach tech startup? Or is your colleague’s outgoing, even tempered and gentle Labrador ideal for bringing some smiles and stress relief into your government office building? We polled dog lovers to find out and the answers are visualized in the above infographic.

Studies have shown that having dogs in the office can result in numerous positive results for companies. Not only can they lower stress levels, but they can also improve the dynamics between coworkers. A 2010 study by Central Michigan University found that employees were more likely to trust and collaborate with each other when dogs were present in the workplace.

Corporate America has taken notice. In fact 20% of American companies have adopted different types of pet-friendly policies according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association. Dog-friendly companies today include Google, Ben & Jerry’s, Procter & Gamble, Etsy, Amazon and even TBWA/CHIAT/DAY here in Los Angeles.

What is your favorite dog to bring to work?

Thanks for partying with us!


Very huge and warm thank you to all who came out to celebrate with us this past Saturday, May 30th at The Oinkster in Hollywood! We are proud to host such a great community of dog-loving Los Angeleans. Special thanks to PawPack and Vet On Demand for their on going support as well. We couldn’t have asked for a better day full of sun, friends, dogs, and burgers.

Some of you may be wondering where our app is.. We are, too! We worked our tails off the past few weeks to get our app launched fast, but the review process can be complicated and time consuming. We cannot wait to share it with you. Thanks in advance for your patience as these things sometimes happen. We stand by our promise to provide you with an awesome, unique approach to dog sitting for all our fellow pup lovers!


— Liam and the Bark ‘N’ Borrow Team