SPECIAL OFFER – Share Bark’N’Borrow with other dog owners and we will reward you with a $10 PetCo gift card!


Share Bark’N’Borrow with other dog owners and we will reward you with a $10 PetCo gift card!


Help us grow our dog-loving community!

Share Bark’N’Borrow with other dog owners and we will reward you with a $10 PetCo gift card!

It’s simple – text your personalized link from your “Me” tab to your friends, and once each of them have completed a verified* dog profile, we will email you your $10 PetCo e-card to use online or in store.

BONUS!! There is no limit on the number of gift cards you can earn… Have 10 friends? That’s $100. Have 20 friends? That’s $200! Just think about how many treats you and your pooch can enjoy!


*Dog profiles must be connected to valid user, email address and verified by Bark’N’Borrow 


Don’t Have a Dog for National Dog Day? Borrow a Dog & Give Back for as Little as $4.99 a Month!


Today is a very exciting day! Not only is it #NationalDogDay and the day of our first annual Hot Dawg Eating Competition with Pink’s Hollywood to raise awareness for shelter dogs, but it also marks the official launch of Bark’N’Borrow 2.0 (download for free now!) — a completely revamped platform designed to make the amazing community of dog lovers that we’ve built even better.

The release of Bark’N’Borrow 2.0 has an even stronger focus on the dogs themselves and giving them the special care they deserve. Dog-lovers can now connect in three main ways:

  1. Borrowers to dogs (and their owners) so they can hang out with a pup whenever they like
  2. Owners to borrowers (New!) so owners can find someone to look after their pup that genuinely cares for dogs and does not expect payment
  3. Owner to other owners (New!) so they can set up play dates for their dogs and for more socializing (create relationships where owners care of other dogs when busy and vice versa)


Users can download the app and browse the community of dog-lovers for free, however in order to message each other to set-up doggy dates, they must sign-up for a monthly subscription, 5% of which will go to partner organization Best Friends Animal Society. There are 2 choices:

  1. $7.99/month for ONE month > comes with a 7 day free trial/cancellation period
  2. $4.99/month for THREE months > best deal with you saving 37% (no free trial)


That’s right, for less than $60 a year, you can have access to dog borrowers or borrowing a dog whenever you like on the Bark’N’Borrow platform.

For many dog-lovers that can’t currently own a dog due to their living arrangement or work schedule, or even for those that may be on the fence about dog ownership, borrowing is a great solution. Spending time with the dogs isn’t only beneficial for busy owners and the dogs themselves, but it’s great for borrowers.

Even just borrowing a dog for a few hours can help you with your cardiovascular health via walks and the dog park. In addition, research has found that dogs actually improve our ability to build relationships with both two-legged and four-legged friends. That’s important because being socially connected, and not lonely, is one of the keys to happiness.

Borrowing can also save borrowers (as well as owners — dog care is expensive) in the wallet. Dog ownership would likely cost you you anywhere from $1,314 for smaller dogs up to $1,843 for the largest breeds over the same twelve months, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Bret Kramer of McKinney, Texas is one Bark’N’Borrow user who has seen the benefits of borrowing as both a borrower and a dog owner. He originally signed up for the app for some K-9 companionship after his divorce and because his wife had both of the dogs. However, shortly after he signed-up, his ex-wife and he were both traveling, and they needed to find the dogs a place to go in short order. He looked into boarding and the prices were astronomical! So he turned back to Bark’N’Borrow as a dog owner. He quickly found Shannon Rice, a last-minute borrower in Plano, who was dying to get some puppy time!

My dogs get a better experience with someone that is looking to be with dogs, versus leaving them with someone just trying to make some extra dollars. Bret Kramer, an Owner and Borrower on Bark’N’Borrow

A Bark’N’Borrow memberships give each user:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Premium pet insurance for all borrows scheduled through our app
  • Access to vetted and reviewed users
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Infinite number of relationships and borrows

The support and engagement we’ve seen in the Bark’N’Borrow community over the last year has been truly incredible. The stories we’ve heard from users about their experiences have. We look forward to growing the pack even bigger! Join Today!

Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions by Borrowing a Dog!

Many of us are entering 2016 with resolutions and goals that we hope will make our lives better. And if we achieve them, they very well may. However, keeping resolutions is harder than making them. Which is why, despite their best efforts, so many people end up breaking or abandon them altogether. Here’s how borrowing a dog can help you stick to some of the most common resolutions out there.

Lose Weight

Not surprisingly, losing weight is one of the most commonly broken New Year’s resolutions. It takes extreme dedication and sticktoitness to change your diet and keep an exercise regimen. Working out with a partner can have significant benefits towards reaching your goals. In fact, some studies have shown that people who work out alone have as low as a 43% success rate, opposed to those who work out with a partner who show up to a 95% success rate.

There’s no partner more loyal, eager and full of energy than a dog. If you’re looking to hit the trails with a furry friend (which is how the idea of Bark’N’Borrow originally came about) or just shake up your weekly exercise routine, having a dog to be active with can help you keep your weight loss resolution.


Be Happier

Being happier is another popular resolution and something we should all strive for in 2016. While there’s no shortage of steps that can be taken towards increasing your overall sense of well-being, being around a dog is a great one to take.

Studies have shown that pet ownership has the ability to fulfill people’s social needs and even provide them with as much support as they’d receive from as their family members. While borrowing a dog may not give you as deep of a bond as owning one, and thus may not have the same impact on your well-being, it could lead to you wanting to become an owner. And there’s no doubt that even weekend kisses and doggy hugs will put a smile on your face in the meantime.

Photo Dec 08, 4 24 51 PM

Find Love

Polls have shown that people are more likely to interact with strangers who have a dog then those who don’t. Dogs can break down barriers and help introverts in social settings. Think about it — how many times have you stopped to pet an adorable pooch on the street and ended up talking to their owner?

While there are plenty of things to do to make 2016 the year you find love, borrowing a dog will give you a reason to be more active and may even make you more approachable. You never know where you’ll find love. Who knows, it could be waiting for you in the dog park, or at the next BNB event 🙂

Photo Dec 02, 3 57 30 PM (1)

Lower Stress at Work

A 2015 Society for Human Resource Management survey found that 8% of American workplaces allow employees to bring their furry friends to work, up from 5% in 2013. It seems that employers are starting to realize that allowing pets at work can actually lend itself to more focused and less stressed employees.

Research has also found that simply being in the presence of a dog can decrease blood pressure and pulse rate. So rather than stepping out for a smoke, or pouring yourself a glass of wine as soon as you get home, borrow a pup and destress your entire office. Your colleagues will thank you for it, and maybe it’ll even help you reach your 2016 goal of getting a promotion.

Photo Dec 02, 3 57 32 PM (2) (1)

Give Back

Many people resolve to give back in the New Year. Whether that’s joining an organization that helps those in need, or donating to a charitable cause, giving back is one of the best ways to make your New Year better an enhance your life overall.

Borrowing a dog not only provides you with a whole host of individual benefits, but it also enriches the lives of the pooches themselves as well as their owners. When you borrow a pup for a doggy date you help that owner manage their schedule and ensure that their furry loved one is getting the love and exercise they need, which in turn makes for a happy doggy — a win-win situation indeed.

Whatever your resolutions may be, we wish you a happy and healthy 2016 and hope the Bark’N’Borrow community helps makes this year a little extra special!

Happy New Year!,

The Bark’N’Borrow Team




Happy Holidays & Merry Messaging!


Happy Holidays & Merry Messaging Bark’N’Borrowers!

Messaging is now enabled on our app. You can complete an arrangement just in time for the Holidays!

  • Sitters – OR –
  • Borrowing 

Instructions to book a Sitter for Christmas / New Years Eve:

  • Open the Bark’N’Borrow app
  • Click on your preferred Sitter
  • Click “Contact Sitter”
  • Message him/her proposing if they are available the specific dates and times you will be away.
  • Once you’ve both agreed on specific dates and arrangement, schedule where you would like to meet.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at at support@barknborrow.com or on Twitter @BarknBorrow with any questions!

Remember to notify us with @barknborrow and #barknborrow during your Bark’N’Borrow arrangement!

The B’N’B Team