Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions by Borrowing a Dog!

Many of us are entering 2016 with resolutions and goals that we hope will make our lives better. And if we achieve them, they very well may. However, keeping resolutions is harder than making them. Which is why, despite their best efforts, so many people end up breaking or abandon them altogether. Here’s how borrowing a dog can help you stick to some of the most common resolutions out there.

Lose Weight

Not surprisingly, losing weight is one of the most commonly broken New Year’s resolutions. It takes extreme dedication and sticktoitness to change your diet and keep an exercise regimen. Working out with a partner can have significant benefits towards reaching your goals. In fact, some studies have shown that people who work out alone have as low as a 43% success rate, opposed to those who work out with a partner who show up to a 95% success rate.

There’s no partner more loyal, eager and full of energy than a dog. If you’re looking to hit the trails with a furry friend (which is how the idea of Bark’N’Borrow originally came about) or just shake up your weekly exercise routine, having a dog to be active with can help you keep your weight loss resolution.


Be Happier

Being happier is another popular resolution and something we should all strive for in 2016. While there’s no shortage of steps that can be taken towards increasing your overall sense of well-being, being around a dog is a great one to take.

Studies have shown that pet ownership has the ability to fulfill people’s social needs and even provide them with as much support as they’d receive from as their family members. While borrowing a dog may not give you as deep of a bond as owning one, and thus may not have the same impact on your well-being, it could lead to you wanting to become an owner. And there’s no doubt that even weekend kisses and doggy hugs will put a smile on your face in the meantime.

Photo Dec 08, 4 24 51 PM

Find Love

Polls have shown that people are more likely to interact with strangers who have a dog then those who don’t. Dogs can break down barriers and help introverts in social settings. Think about it — how many times have you stopped to pet an adorable pooch on the street and ended up talking to their owner?

While there are plenty of things to do to make 2016 the year you find love, borrowing a dog will give you a reason to be more active and may even make you more approachable. You never know where you’ll find love. Who knows, it could be waiting for you in the dog park, or at the next BNB event 🙂

Photo Dec 02, 3 57 30 PM (1)

Lower Stress at Work

A 2015 Society for Human Resource Management survey found that 8% of American workplaces allow employees to bring their furry friends to work, up from 5% in 2013. It seems that employers are starting to realize that allowing pets at work can actually lend itself to more focused and less stressed employees.

Research has also found that simply being in the presence of a dog can decrease blood pressure and pulse rate. So rather than stepping out for a smoke, or pouring yourself a glass of wine as soon as you get home, borrow a pup and destress your entire office. Your colleagues will thank you for it, and maybe it’ll even help you reach your 2016 goal of getting a promotion.

Photo Dec 02, 3 57 32 PM (2) (1)

Give Back

Many people resolve to give back in the New Year. Whether that’s joining an organization that helps those in need, or donating to a charitable cause, giving back is one of the best ways to make your New Year better an enhance your life overall.

Borrowing a dog not only provides you with a whole host of individual benefits, but it also enriches the lives of the pooches themselves as well as their owners. When you borrow a pup for a doggy date you help that owner manage their schedule and ensure that their furry loved one is getting the love and exercise they need, which in turn makes for a happy doggy — a win-win situation indeed.

Whatever your resolutions may be, we wish you a happy and healthy 2016 and hope the Bark’N’Borrow community helps makes this year a little extra special!

Happy New Year!,

The Bark’N’Borrow Team




Happy Holidays & Merry Messaging!


Happy Holidays & Merry Messaging Bark’N’Borrowers!

Messaging is now enabled on our app. You can complete an arrangement just in time for the Holidays!

  • Sitters – OR –
  • Borrowing 

Instructions to book a Sitter for Christmas / New Years Eve:

  • Open the Bark’N’Borrow app
  • Click on your preferred Sitter
  • Click “Contact Sitter”
  • Message him/her proposing if they are available the specific dates and times you will be away.
  • Once you’ve both agreed on specific dates and arrangement, schedule where you would like to meet.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at at or on Twitter @BarknBorrow with any questions!

Remember to notify us with @barknborrow and #barknborrow during your Bark’N’BorrowÂť arrangement!

The B’N’B Team

One Month in: Puppy Love Abound & an Exciting New Year Ahead

It’s been a little over a month since we launched Bark’N’Borrow and the response has been nothing short of incredible! We continue to see an amazing amount of support from dog lovers all over the world.

The idea of a community that serves the varying needs of dog lovers in all types of situations, even those simply looking for doggy play dates, clearly struck a chord and apparently even made some people’s dreams come true:

Screenshot 2015-12-16 20.22.46

Screenshot 2015-12-16 15.59.10

Word of B’N’B has spread so far and fast that each day we hear from puppy people across the globe wondering when Bark’N’Borrow will be available in their area.
Screenshot 2015-12-16 15.10.51Screenshot 2015-12-16 15.18.31

While we’re currently focused on building out the service in the US, expanding beyond the US is a top priority on our roadmap for the New Year! That roadmap includes many other ideas and initiatives that we will announce as they start to come to fruition.

For those who are already taking part in the B’N’B community, it’s uplifting to see how the service is making their and their pooch’s lives better. Here’s what some of our users have been telling us:

“I work from home and travel a lot. Through Bark’N’Borrow I have found Murphy, who get’s me away from the desk, exercising and meeting great people.”

“As soon as I heard about the services Bark’N’Borrow offers, I was fascinated. After exploring the app…I was a little skeptical, but all my hesitations were quelled as soon as I met the borrower – she immediately got on the ground, scooped my dog Sebastian up and started kissing him like they had known each for years.”

“Being able to get my pup fix when I’m unable to have my own is truly amazing. Thanks Bark’N’Borrow for creating a great community between owners and genuine dog lovers.” 
– Rachel

And here are a few of our favorite pics from users:
Photo Dec 02, 3 57 33 PM
Photo Dec 02, 3 57 32 PM (2)Photo Dec 14, 4 27 11 PM








As we continue to work to make Bark’N’Borrow the number one community for dog lovers, here’s to many, many more sloppy kisses and furry hugs in the New Year! Download your dog date today!


The Bark’N’Borrow Team

The Difference Between Borrowers & Sitters


One of the unique aspects of the Bark’N’Borrow community is the fact that we offer owners the chance to connect with both Borrowers and Sitters to get their pups the love and care they deserve. Sitters are paid for their time, while Borrowers are rewarded simply with the chance to spend some quality time with a Furry Friend.

Since this essentially makes B’N’B a three-sided marketplaces, we’ve gotten a few questions on how the Bark’N’Borrow experience differs for each type of user. Here’s some insight for Owners, Borrowers & Sitters in order to make sure they get the most out of the Bark’N’Borrow experience:

  1. Borrowers can see dogs (Owners) but NOT vice-versa

Therefore, if you’re looking to borrow a pooch you need to be proactive in reaching out to their owners through the dog’s profile in the BorrowÂť section to set up potential playdates. We want borrowers to be reaching out to borrow dogs based on their own desire to share some K-9 companionship, so that’s the reason we’ve set it up that way. Here’s some more tips for Borrowers and Owners on how to ensure a smooth borrowing experience.

  1. Owners can reach out to Sitters

Owners should be proactive in reaching out to sitters to set up appointments. Each Sitter has a profile that lists their daily rate, location, experience, services and the types of dogs they are willing to sit for. When you come across a sitting profile that aligns with your needs, reach out!

  1. Sitters should create complete profiles for the best match

Like online dating, those with the most complete profiles tend to have the most success. When you fill out your B’N’B Sitter profile be sure to include enough information to make it easy for owners to get a sense for who you are so they can decide who they want to sit their pup.

  1. Borrowers can also become Sitters

If you love the experience of being a Borrower and want to watch more dogs, consider signing up as a sitter. Not only will this enable you to tout your experience through a Sitter profile, but by establishing one, it also gives owners the ability to find you.

  1. BOTH Borrowers and Sitters can SEE jobs, but ONLY Sitters can APPLY to them

Through the JobsÂť section of the app, owners can post jobs for when they need someone to watch their pooch. Both Sitters & Borrowers can view these jobs, but only those who have a Sitter profile can contact the owner and offer their helping hand. If a Borrower sees they are available on the specified dates and are interested in doing the job, they can create a sitter profile and apply as well!

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at at or on Twitter @BarknBorrow with any questions!


The B’N’B Team

Do’s and Don’ts for Dog Borrowing & Sitting


How exciting! It looks like a lot of action with meet-n-greets this week to prepare for the upcoming borrows and sits. Just a few friendly reminders that will keep your time running smooth and breezy:


  • Double check your dog’s full name as listed on its ID tag
  • Keep a watchful eye on the pooch at all times
  • Check house rules (e.g. no dogs on the couch)
  • Make sure the water bowl is always full
  • Take the dog out for regular potty breaks
    Pick up the doggy-poop
  • Bring the bag or pooper-scooper if you’re headed out for a walk
  • Abide by owners instructions & requests
  • Check with the owner on if and when you can give treats or rewards
  • Make sure you have emergency and preferred veterinary details
  • Stay in contact and send regular updates to the dog owner – photos encouraged!
  • Relax with your pup and have a some Fun!


  • Never feed the dog poisonous substances, including common human foods such as: chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, avocado, etc.
  • Never take the collar and ID tags off the dog
  • Do not take the leash off the dog while walking, only when in an enclosed and secure location (inside the home, fenced dog park)
  • Place dog in a stressful situation such as: loud noises, surrounded too many people or other animals, totally new environment than what it’s used to, etc

Happy sitting and borrowing!

Arranging Your First Meeting with a Potential Borrower

Once you’ve found a potential Borrower for your pooch, the next step is to arrange a meeting so  you can be comfortable sharing your dog with that person.

Here are some tips for arranging, preparing and meeting a potential Borrower:

  1. Before arranging an in-person meeting between you, your dog and a Borrower, ask as many questions via email of the Borrower as you need to feel comfortable, including references!
  2. Ask them about their experiences with dogs, how they handle dogs they’ve spent time with, and where they plan to take your dog.
  3. Arrange a comfortable public meeting place: your local dog park, coffee shop, or other convenient venue and bring a friend if you need to, to feel comfortable.
  4. Prepare a Doggie Info. sheet and include specific requirements and requests you have for the care of your dog. Be sure to include emergency contact details for yourself and a preferred Vet in case of any issues.
  5. At the meeting, ask any and all questions you need to know to feel comfortable. Perhaps you want to go for a walk together to see how a potential Borrower handles your dog and see how your pooch responds to them. Do what you need to feel secure.
  6. Remember, the relationship you develop through Bark’N’Borrow with a Borrower is the same as you might do through a recommendation from a friend. Be sure you feel comfortable with your dog-loving Borrower.
  7. Finally, schedule what you feel is an appropriate next step: a follow-up meeting, a short walk, a play date – or what works best for you!


Here’s a look at typical Borrowing arrangements:

“Bark’N’Borrow Play Date”
Suggested Arrangement:

  • Duration 2-4 hours
  • Food and equipment (toys, leash, bedding, poop bags, etc.) provided by Owner.
  • Activities may include, play in a park, walk, rest at Borrower’s residence

“Bark’N’Borrow Overnight”
Suggested Arrangement:

  • Duration 24 hours
  • Food and equipment (toys, leash, bedding, poop bags, etc.) provided by Owner
  • Borrower may provide addl. toys, food and/or treats (approved by Owner)
  • Activities may include, play, walk, car travel, and an overnight stay at the Borrower’s residence

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at at or on Twitter @BarknBorrow with any questions!

Remember to notify us with @barknborrow and #barknborrow during your Bark’N’BorrowÂť arrangement !

The B’N’B Team