SPECIAL OFFER – Share Bark’N’Borrow with other dog owners and we will reward you with a $10 PetCo gift card!


Share Bark’N’Borrow with other dog owners and we will reward you with a $10 PetCo gift card!


Help us grow our dog-loving community!

Share Bark’N’Borrow with other dog owners and we will reward you with a $10 PetCo gift card!

It’s simple – text your personalized link from your “Me” tab to your friends, and once each of them have completed a verified* dog profile, we will email you your $10 PetCo e-card to use online or in store.

BONUS!! There is no limit on the number of gift cards you can earn… Have 10 friends? That’s $100. Have 20 friends? That’s $200! Just think about how many treats you and your pooch can enjoy!


*Dog profiles must be connected to valid user, email address and verified by Bark’N’Borrow 


Share Your Dog with Someone Seeking K9 Companionship on Veterans Day to Help Match Veterans with Shelter Dogs

pre_headpetsforvets_logo_colorBark’N’Borrow Teams with Pets for Vets to Donate $1 to its Nonprofit for Every Dog Profile Added to the Bark’N’Borrow Community of 70,000-plus Dog Lovers on November 11th

LOS ANGELES, CA – November 10, 2016 – Bark’N’Borrow, a community for dogs and the people who love them, today announced a collaboration with Pets for Vets, a program dedicated to supporting veterans by matching them with shelter pets for companionship. For every dog profile added to the Bark’N’Borrow community of 70,000-plus dog lovers this Veterans Day, November 11, Bark’N’Borrow will donate $1 to the Pets for Vets cause.

Those interested in sharing their dog with other dog-lovers seeking K9 companionship, while supporting Pets for Vets, can simply download the Bark’N’Borrow app for free on the iTunes Store. Once downloading the app, new members sign-up as a dog owner and can begin creating their dog’s profile on Veterans Day. They can add their dog’s name, photos, age, gender, location, breed, temperament, interests and special needs. Finally, members must note their dog’s training level, as well as its size, and agree to the terms of service to complete their dog’s profile — and donate $1 to Pets for Vets.


“Our mission at Bark’N’Borrow is to improve the lives of dogs and the people who love them,” says Liam Berkeley, CEO and Founder of Bark’N’Borrow. “We’re thrilled to partner with Pets for Vets on Veterans Day to help raise funds for their national charity that gets dog-loving veterans the K9 companionship they need. Just as Pets for Vets strives to make the lives of veterans and shelter dogs better through matchmaking, our community strives to make the lives of dog owners, dogs and those not fortunate enough to have their own dog better by forming new connections.”

“We’re thrilled that Bark’N’Borrow is raising awareness and funds for Pets for Vets on Veterans Day,” said Ann Black of Pets for Vets. “By sharing your dog with other dog-lovers on Veterans Day you can help in our effort to give returning troops a second chance at health and happiness, while also giving shelter dogs a second chance at life. This K9 companionship can help the nearly 20 percent of veterans dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), as well as those suffering from brain injuries, anxiety and depression, as they transition back into their civilian lives.”

unspecified-3Dog owners that create a profile for their dog on Bark’N’Borrow can find someone nearby to look after their pup that genuinely cares for dogs and does not expect payment. They can also use the app and dog-loving community to set up playdates for their dogs with other dog owners. By sharing their dog with the community when they’re busy they can improve the lives of those not fortunate enough to currently own a dog. Just borrowing a dog for a few hours can help with cardiovascular health via walks and the dog park. Research has also found that dogs actually improve our ability to build relationships with both two-legged and four-legged friends. That’s important because being socially connected, and not lonely, is one of the keys to happiness.

Current and prospective Bark’N’Borrow members in the New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and Denver areas can find more about about local Pets for Vets chapters and initiatives at:

  • New York: http://www.petsforvets.com/nycli-ny/
  • Los Angeles / Ventura County: http://ventura-ca.petsforvets.com/
  • Boston: http://www.petsforvets.com/boston-ma/
  • Chicago: http://www.petsforvets.com/chicagoland-il/
  • Denver: http://www.petsforvets.com/denver-co/

About Bark’N’Borrow
Bark’N’Borrow is a 70,00o-plus member community of dogs and the people who love them. Dog owners and loving borrowers connect through its its free iPhone app. The spirit of the service lies in how it creates new connections and genuine relationships between fellow dog-lovers and friendly dogs throughout the country. The Bark’N’Borrow community unites like-minded people who believe that dogs are an essential part of our families and deserve all the love and care we can give. The company was founded in 2014 and is Built in LA. Download Bark’N’Borrow for free in the iTunes Store and for more information visit http://barknborrow.com.

About Pets for Vets
Pets for Vets is a nonprofit organization that helps heal the emotional wounds of military veterans by pairing them with a shelter dog that is specially selected to match his or her personality. Professional animal trainers rehabilitate the dogs and teach them good manners to fit into a veteran’s lifestyle. Pets for Vets believes our country owes military veterans a debt of gratitude as many return to civilian life with physical and emotional injuries. By matching them with a companion dog Pets for Vets is giving them a second chance at health and happiness, while simultaneously giving a shelter dog a second chance at life. For more information visit https://www.petsforvets.com.

A Toy Story: Inside a Dog Playdate on Demand


When we launched Bark’N’Borrow 2.0 almost a month ago one of the most exciting things was opening up our platform for dog owners to get playdates for their dogs! For as little as $4.99 a month you can get your dog unlimited K-9 companionship, and best of all, 5% of that goes to helping other dogs through our partner organization Best Friends Animal Society.

One early Bark’N’Borrow user to leverage dog playdates was Toy Leksut and we wanted to share her super cute story with photos (A Toy Story: we couldn’t resist :).

Toy owns a corgi named B-MO. At just around 11 weeks and pre DHPP vaccine, he wasn’t quite ready for the dog park. However, Toy wanted to start socializing him with other dogs in a slightly less open and stressful environment. To do so, Toy and B-Mo “borrowed” a beagle named Snoop for a dog playdate.

David (Snoop’s owner) dropped Snoop off with Toy and B-MO and they got to play for a couple of hours. And we mean some serious playing!


Like playing dead!


Going Rocky on the steps! You couldn’t stop the two… 

And it was all possible thanks to a quick download of the Bark’N’Borrow app by Toy, a few swipes to find a high energy dog that was similar size and of a similar age. Toy was living in Hollywood Hills at the time with B-Mo, and David and Snoop were a short 10 minutes away. After agreeing to a playdate they quickly met for a meet and greet with the two dogs to make sure the playdate would work out. B-Mo and Snoop were quickly like two peas in a pod after meeting so the playdate was agreed upon.

While B-Mo had been to some puppy socializing classes this was the first time that he had been one-on-one with another dog for a considerable amount of time. It was also the first time he had a dog in his own backyard / patio. He was a quick learn though and after hanging out with Snoop, he visited his first dog park a month later.

B-Mo is now even in demand for playdates with some two-legged friends. He was recently borrowed by a local college student on Bark’N’Borrow as a weekend surprise for his visiting girlfriend. They’re currently doing the long-distance thing as his girlfriend studies in New York City, and he figured a cute little corgi would make a nice third wheel for a weekend stroll.

Ready for a playdate for your own dog? Download the app here today and start taking playdate pictures! We want to see!

Don’t Have a Dog for National Dog Day? Borrow a Dog & Give Back for as Little as $4.99 a Month!


Today is a very exciting day! Not only is it #NationalDogDay and the day of our first annual Hot Dawg Eating Competition with Pink’s Hollywood to raise awareness for shelter dogs, but it also marks the official launch of Bark’N’Borrow 2.0 (download for free now!) — a completely revamped platform designed to make the amazing community of dog lovers that we’ve built even better.

The release of Bark’N’Borrow 2.0 has an even stronger focus on the dogs themselves and giving them the special care they deserve. Dog-lovers can now connect in three main ways:

  1. Borrowers to dogs (and their owners) so they can hang out with a pup whenever they like
  2. Owners to borrowers (New!) so owners can find someone to look after their pup that genuinely cares for dogs and does not expect payment
  3. Owner to other owners (New!) so they can set up play dates for their dogs and for more socializing (create relationships where owners care of other dogs when busy and vice versa)


Users can download the app and browse the community of dog-lovers for free, however in order to message each other to set-up doggy dates, they must sign-up for a monthly subscription, 5% of which will go to partner organization Best Friends Animal Society. There are 2 choices:

  1. $7.99/month for ONE month > comes with a 7 day free trial/cancellation period
  2. $4.99/month for THREE months > best deal with you saving 37% (no free trial)


That’s right, for less than $60 a year, you can have access to dog borrowers or borrowing a dog whenever you like on the Bark’N’Borrow platform.

For many dog-lovers that can’t currently own a dog due to their living arrangement or work schedule, or even for those that may be on the fence about dog ownership, borrowing is a great solution. Spending time with the dogs isn’t only beneficial for busy owners and the dogs themselves, but it’s great for borrowers.

Even just borrowing a dog for a few hours can help you with your cardiovascular health via walks and the dog park. In addition, research has found that dogs actually improve our ability to build relationships with both two-legged and four-legged friends. That’s important because being socially connected, and not lonely, is one of the keys to happiness.

Borrowing can also save borrowers (as well as owners — dog care is expensive) in the wallet. Dog ownership would likely cost you you anywhere from $1,314 for smaller dogs up to $1,843 for the largest breeds over the same twelve months, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Bret Kramer of McKinney, Texas is one Bark’N’Borrow user who has seen the benefits of borrowing as both a borrower and a dog owner. He originally signed up for the app for some K-9 companionship after his divorce and because his wife had both of the dogs. However, shortly after he signed-up, his ex-wife and he were both traveling, and they needed to find the dogs a place to go in short order. He looked into boarding and the prices were astronomical! So he turned back to Bark’N’Borrow as a dog owner. He quickly found Shannon Rice, a last-minute borrower in Plano, who was dying to get some puppy time!

My dogs get a better experience with someone that is looking to be with dogs, versus leaving them with someone just trying to make some extra dollars. Bret Kramer, an Owner and Borrower on Bark’N’Borrow

A Bark’N’Borrow memberships give each user:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Premium pet insurance for all borrows scheduled through our app
  • Access to vetted and reviewed users
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Infinite number of relationships and borrows

The support and engagement we’ve seen in the Bark’N’Borrow community over the last year has been truly incredible. The stories we’ve heard from users about their experiences have. We look forward to growing the pack even bigger! Join Today!

The Most Dog-Friendly Neighborhoods in San Francisco

SF Most Dog-Friendly NeighborhoodsSan Francisco. Many come in hopes of having it all: the California lifestyle, the gateway into the tech market, a dream job, and the perfect apartment. But what is the cost of reaping all the benefits of life in the Bay Area?

The most visible cost? Paying the most for renting in the entire country! A close second? You may not be able to bring fido with you!

According to SF SPCA, an animal welfare nonprofit, one in four residents within the City By the Bay are abandoning their four-legged friends (no!) due to the lack of dog-friendly housing in the city. Since San Francisco attracts more and more potential tenants each year, landlords have the option to be selective with who and what they let in. This is forcing many would-be residents to choose between two options — searching for a hard-to-find dog-friendly place or pursuing their California dreams, unfortunately, alone.

However, just because they’re hard to find doesn’t mean they’re not out there. We’ve teamed up with our friends at RadPad, the mobile apartment search and rent payment provider, to ensure you and your furry friend can stay together by finding the most dog-friendly neighborhoods in the bay area.

To do this, we first looked at the percentage (see above) of pet-friendly apartment listings within neighborhoods in San Francisco. RadPad analyzed more than 13,000 active rental listings across neighborhoods in San Francisco.

We then factored in the amount of borrowable dogs on Bark’N’Borrow in each neighborhood (if you can’t live with a dog in your apartment, you can still borrow one) to create an all encompassing ranking of neighborhoods to live in – if you love dogs! RadPad rankings were given twice as much weight as Bark’N’Borrow rankings.

Take a look at what we found:

  • The absolute best place to live with a dog, or to borrow one? Lakeshore landed our number one spot to find a place for you and your pup, and the best place to borrow one. Located right next to Lake Merced, Fort Funston National Park, and the ocean, it is the ideal location for outdoor activities and city living with your four-legged friend.
  • If you still want to feel the excitement of fast city living, no need to worry! Chinatown came in at number 4 with 39% of listings dog-friendly and large amount of borrowable dogs close by to move it past Excelsior (43% dog-friendly listings). Take your pup on daily walks down Waverly Place or Ross Alley with a nice relaxing break at Old Mary’s Cathedral.
  • It’s worth noting that the Excelsior/Crocker-Amazon area had the 4th highest percentage of dog-friendly apartments. However, there is only a “pawful” of pups available to be borrowed there, so it fell down our all encompassing list to #8. 
  • Save yourself the time and energy of finding a dog-friendly apartment near Outer Richmond and Haight — looks like only 13% of apartment listings are dog-friendly. Odd, considering Lands Peak, the most dog-friendly hiking trail, is right there!
  • Tenderloin, Portrero Hill and South of Market also land themselves in the top five most dog-friendly neighborhoods. All located on the northeast side of San Francisco, it’s safe to assume that side of the city is having a lot more fun living in the bay with their four-legged friends. Just don’t think you can move further north to North Beach with Fido, as it ranked at the bottom of our dog-friendly neighborhoods!

Best Dog-Friendly Neighborhoods to Live in San Francisco

  1. Lakeshore
  2. Tenderloin/Hayes Valley/North of Market
  3. Potrero Hill
  4. Chinatown
  5. South of Market
  6. Polk/Russian Hill (Nob Hill)
  7. Castro/Noe Valley
  8. Excelsior/Crocker-Amazon
  9. Inner Mission/Bernal Heights
  10. Western Addition/Japantown
  11. Marina
  12. Visitacion Valley/Sunnydale
  13. Inner Richmond
  14. Haight-Ashbury
  15. St. Francis Wood/Miraloma/West Portal
  16. Sunset
  17. Parkside/Forest Hill
  18. Bayview-Hunters Point
  19. Twin Peaks-Glen Park
  20. Outer Richmond
  21. North Beach

Profiles for Adoptable Shelter Dogs from NKLA Are Now on Bark’N’Borrow!


Bark’N’Borrow’s mission is to better the lives of dogs by giving them as much love and attention as possible. Today, there are nearly 4 million homeless dogs in shelters across the U.S. who are in desperate need of care and a permanent home. The team here are BNB recognizes the great potential that the amazing community we’ve built has in helping these pups in need.

That’s why today, we’re excited to announce that we’re buddying up with NKLA (No-Kill Los Angeles) Adoption Center, run by Best Friends Animal Society, to promote available shelter dogs for adoption to our 50,000-plus BNB users! Going forward, dog lovers searching for a ‘doggy date‘ in the Los Angeles area will also see adoptable shelter dogs like Cowboy, Paloma and Sir Buddy as profiles in their iPhone Bark’N’Borrow app streams.

Cowboy.screenshot 2

When you open a profile for a shelter dog that appears in your stream you’ll see the same details that you’d see in the profiles of dogs that are available to borrow, such as age, size, temperament and personality. You’ll also see what shelter the adoptable dog is from. The process then continues the same way that contacting an owner would through the Bark’N’Borrow messaging platform with a representative from the rescue or shelter on the other end instead of an individual owner.

Many of our users are either looking to find the right dog to adopt, and in the meantime are borrowing to see which breeds/types of pups suit their lifestyle; or they’re not quite ready to have their own dog yet, but plan to adopt when they’re ready. We did a survey of 650 Bark’N’Borrow users in March and over 85% of them say they would get their first/next dog from a shelter. Over one third of borrowers also say that they’d be more proactive in borrowing if there were shelter dogs on our app who they could give some much needed love.

Foster dogs will soon be featured on Bark’N’Borrow as well providing an outlet for adoptees to experience ownership in real-life settings, not just shelters. Foster parents of these pups will create profiles and be able connect with potential adopters looking for a new friend. From setting up play-dates and meet-n-greets to the official adoption process Bark’N’Borrow will give foster pups the opportunity to find their forever families using mobile technology.

We see Bark’N’Borrow helping rescues and fosters in many different ways. For example, foster parents could also use Bark’N’Borrow to help them with their full and busy hands. A borrower could borrow directly from the foster parent and provide them with a little relief whenever needed. This way, the borrower is still exposed to shelter dogs but do not have to go directly through the rescue.

The benefits of having shelter dogs on Bark’N’Borrow are obvious. Bark’N’Borrow connects potential fosters/borrowers and adoptees to the dogs themselves, directs them through the actual adoption process itself, and furthermore offers a whole community of genuine dog-lovers who are ready to lend a helping hand and care to the newly adopted dog whenever the new family may need.

It’s #NationalPuppyDay!

Today is #NationalPuppyDay. A day that fills our social media feeds with pictures of adorable puppies from across the globe. What’s better than that?

But behind the cute pics, there’s a deeper meaning. National Puppy Day was created in 2006 by home and lifestyle expert, Colleen Paige, “to help save orphaned puppies across the globe and educate the public about the horrors of puppy mills. According to the ASPCA, 3.9 million dogs enter shelters each year. Sadly, many of those are euthanized.

We’ve often talked about our commitment to working with shelters and adoption agencies to raise awareness of the shelter situation and get more pups into forever homes. As we move forward with our plans to do this, today provides a perfect opportunity for you to help too. Stop by your local shelter and play with a pup, or do a bit of your own research and share what you learn to help raise awareness for just how many dogs are in shelters today waiting for a chance to be loved.

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give you a look at some of the most adorable puppies available to borrow today on the Bark’N’Borrow platform! So share this post and spread the “omg’s”, “aww’s”, but most importantly, the cause.


Liam & the B’N’B Team



Top 5 Puppy Predictions: Game Of Thrones Season 6


Well, pups, get excited, because Winter Is Coming! No, I don’t mean the kind of winter that makes everything cold and white and fun to roll in, no, I mean the new season of Game of Thrones! Season Six’s trailer finally came out, and boy, did my tail just about wag off when I saw this one! There was a lot of fur-raising action in this trailer, but before we get to that let’s get to what all my avid readers have been wondering:

Dog Count: THREE!

Cat Count: ZERO!

That’s right, three whole dogs and zero whole cats! We got to see two big ol’ hounds when they surrounded Theon in the woods! They sure were good boys for finding him! Do they have fleas? I wonder what their butts smell like! Where was I? Oh–And at the tail end of the trailer we saw Ghost, the hero of the whole show! He was sitting on top of Jon Snow like “You better not hurt this guy!” I don’t know what’s going on with Jon. I fell asleep for the end of last season. Oh well, I’ll figure it out soon!

Here’s the Top 5 Puppy Predictions: Game of Thrones Season 6!

The Hound

  1. The Hound will Return– That dashing knight known as Sandor The Hound Clegane will definitely be back. I know we left him in a bad way, and he wasn’t in the trailer at all, but you can’t keep a good dog down!
    Bran's Tree
  2. Bran will Possess a Tree– Bran sees some crazy things in the trailer, and he can walk again! But most importantly, he’ll be able to go into his wolf buddies, or even a tree! Perhaps his season arc will be trying not to get peed on! Riveting!
    Dany and Dothraki
  3. Dany will be a Khaleesi again– So it looks like times are tough for Daenerys while she’s walking with the horse guys they don’t even have a horse to spare for her. But she doesn’t need a horse, all she needs is her dragons! Once she shows what he can do, those horse people will put her in charge for sure! Because dragons are scary!
    Blind Arya
  4. Arya’s Nose Will Get Better– So it looks like everyone’s favorite tween assassin is blind! I had an old buddy once with eyes just like hers, I think they call them Cat-aracts! I bet they come from cats just another reason cats drool and dogs rule while also drooling! But either way, science has proved Arya will have a better sense of smell now that she can’t see. I wonder if next season will be in SMELL-O-VISION?
    Jon Snow and Ghost
  5. Winter is Definitely Coming- I think no matter who you are, where you are, we can all agree that it’s about to get cold in Westeros! Put on your winter coats, but don’t worry–because Ghost is on the prowl and he’ll freeze those White Walkers in their tracks!

Well Bark’N’Buddies, I hope you enjoyed my review, and I know you enjoyed the trailer! We’re in for a doozy of a season next year! Until next time–Valar Doghairis, which translates to All Dogs Must Be Petted!

America’s Most Eligible Dogs for a Valentine’s Dog Date

eligible-dogs wordpress

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching many singles are queuing up Netflix for a long night in. However, even with Uber no longer delivering puppies to your door and the Puppy Bowl being over, there may be a K-9 companion around the corner for a dog date!

In honor of V-Day, Bark’N’Borrow‘the dog dating service’, has crunched the data on the most demanded dogs (out of tens-of-thousands on the platform) by borrowers in five major cities: NYC, SF, LA, Chicago and Boston.

We’ve pulled the profiles for these “most eligible pups” in each city and pictured above are the top dogs people across America are inquiring for.

You can #getadogdate leading up to, after, or on Valentine’s Day, by downloading the Bark’N’Borrow app today for free and finding an eligible dog to date in your area below! Don’t forget to share your favorite top dog on Twitter!