About Us

Bark’N’Borrow is a community of dog lovers both with and without dogs — pairing those who crave canine companionship with dogs that could use a little more people time.

Our Story

Bark’N’Borrow officially began in 2014, and is a community that is built around the idea that dogs deserve a life of love, play, exercise, and adventure. But the creative roots of the company stem further back in time to the Founder, Liam Berkeley’s childhood in Australia. As many other childhood stories go, Liam grew up always surrounded by dogs who were loved and treated as part of the family.

After moving to Los Angeles in 2012, Liam’s first instinct was to carry on these traditions and to adopt a dog. However, the reality was that he had a full-time job, a small apartment, and travelled a lot. So instead, he jumped at every opportunity to look after his friends dogs so he could get that canine-companionship that he was missing.

His friends were so grateful that they had such an eager, genuine, and loving sitter available for them and their pooch. He soon realised that he wasn’t the only one of his kind! There were so many others out there who would love to spend their free spend time with a dog as they cannot yet commit to owning themselves at this point in time.

Also, there are are just as many busy-owners who would find relief in the fact that they have a trustworthy dog-enthusiast that would love to look after their dog for free. At the same time, Bark’N’Borrow understands the importance of utilising certified dog walkers, sitters, or caretakers - especially when pet- owners need help with their dogs at their personal convenience or for long periods of time. Therefore, Bark’N’Borrow offers that option as well.

Dogs do so much to make our lives better, and Bark’N’Borrow strives to share the love and take the very best care of our dogs as we can. So come and join our pack!